My Songs.




‘I don’t mind’ has a pretty funky feel with high falsetto vocals and crunchy guitar riffs. This is the first song on the album, ‘In Verses.’


With its Spanish rumba and open bass fills, 'Strange Little Creature' is pleasurable to the ears. It will have you drifting off into a sunset over a beach like Bolonia or Ses Illetes.


‘Power and the glory’ delivers a masterful sound with haunting

Falsettos and bouncy guitars. The song lyrically describes a biblical like preaching of fire and brimstone, but leaves you in a state of feeling inspirited.    


‘Water goes dry’ gives up-tempo beats with slide blues guitar throughout the song and has a vibration of ghostly sounds. This song is following songs such as ‘Canned Heat’, 'On the road again or Captain Beef Heart’s song,'Electricity.'

‘Sanctuary’, with its jangly like rhythm & laid-back strumming the song starts off with a happy, punchy verse and positive lyrics. 'Sanctuary' then ventures into an up-lifting chorus, unfolding into a dreamy crescendo, reminiscent of top bands like REM, Powder finger or even Crowded House.

Ten thousand miles is an amazing spacious song that has a very chilled vibe. The words are hopeful and speak mostly of freedom or abandonment. The music has the same sweeping affect and very persuasive sound.



‘Ball & Chain’, a moody, psychedelic blues song with high falsetto vocal and bottle neck slide guitar. 'Ball & Chain' has a very eerie sound with lyrics about being lost in a dream like state.



Stain has a kind of liveliness to the music and leans towards “the rockier” track. Its grungy chordal approach reunites the 90’s music and builds into a big ending.


'Water Lines' has high falsetto vocals and a wide open sound in the music. It's openess shows another side to the mirror. The music protrudes open and broad ambience while winning you over with uplifting intimation.


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