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Daxton Monaghan is an Australian musician and singer/songwriter based on the NSW Central Coast. Daxton has been writing, producing and playing music since his early teens and his passion has kept him continually creating new material both for bands and his solo career. On stage, Daxton comes across like he was born to play, his unique guitar style blending perfectly with heartwarming vocals. Refreshingly original songs, combined with both humour and heartache keep his audience captivated and wanting more.

Over the years, Daxton’s music style has varied greatly dabbling in alternative punk, blues/psychedelic/rock , but predominately americana a genre in which Daxton truly shines. With this range of music genres, came many musical influences ranging from Captain Beef-heart, Mud honey, David Bowie, John lee hooker, The Meat Puppets and the Church.

Daxton’s first band in the early 1990s was named Latex Rubber Skinhead which was a punk band emulating popular bands such as Suicidal Tendencies, The Mark of Cain, Helmet. L.R.S played around the Newcastle, Sydney and Central Coast areas before Daxton formed a new band with two mates called Egg. Its main influences were Primus, Mr Bungle and Frank Zappa, and the music had a very tongue-in-cheek presence. Egg produced an EP called If you are reading this our album has been released, which had a playful attitude written all over it. In the early 2000s Daxton played in a Sydney based band Low Yield Atomics, which was a punk-rock outfit and performed in Sydney and Newcastle from about 2001 until 2002.

While Daxton gained experience by being the front-man of many bands, he was also developing his solo career and playing gigs and festivals throughout the east coast of Australia. Daxton has appeared at major festivals including the Sydney Blues and Roots Festival and Tamworth Country Music Festival where he supported artists such as Kasey Chambers, Becky Cole and Karl Broadie.

In 2008 Daxton released his album Two Roads, which was produced by Australian country music icon Bill Chambers at Rod McCormack’s studio on the Central Coast. The Two Roads music video also gained Daxton recognition and significant airplay on the Country Music Channel (CMC) in Australia. He also scored the number three spot on the Australian community radio blues airplay chart compiled from over 20 stations nationally.

The year of 2008 also saw Daxton forming a new band called Daxton & the Sweet Lips,which released a self-titled album on iTunes the following year. This album featured a heavy distorted blues sound with elements of rock. The track Moody Liz was featured on a popular American TV series Doll House and quickly gained Daxton worldwide recognition. Moody Liz was also submitted into the APRA International Songwriters Competition (ISC) winning an Admiral Mention.

In 2009 Daxton joined Sydney musicians and entertainers Andy Kent from You Am I, Jeff O’Connell from Headache, Shayne Pinington and Adam Yee from Smudge for a series of gigs at the Annandale Hotel under the name Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Yeah, a Cult tribute band. Daxton excelled as lead singer, which is further testament to his musical versatility and adaptability.

Daxton’s increasing success and the amount of interest generated from the United States led him to travel to America in 2010 to broaden his music career. He spent a week in Nashville and played a number of shows at the Douglas Corner Cafe, the West Nashville Holiday Inn and the Blue Bird Café.

After coming back to Australia, Daxton was signed to the independent record label Foghorn Records, a Publishing company in Sydney managed by Marshall Cullen and Paul Neahros. In 2011 Daxton & the Sweet Lips recorded the album Thin Tall Lily, published by Foghorn Records.

Daxton is a singer of undeniable charm and his songwriting has a depth that is both captivating and original. His music resonates with young and old, male and female, country and city as he captures his listeners and transports them into the music he creates. With a vast range of experiences and influences behind him, Daxton is standing on solid ground in the Southern Blues and Rock style. A story teller, master musician, and stellar live performer, Daxton Monaghan will surely make his mark on the national and international music scene for many years to come.

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